# Introduction to the Content-Types Builder

The Content-Types Builder is a core plugin of Strapi. It is a feature that is always activated by default and cannot be deleted. The Content-Types Builder is however only accessible when the application is in a development environment.

Administrators can access the Content-Types Builder from Plugins > Content-Types Builder in the main navigation of the admin panel.

Content-Types Builder interface

From the Content-Types Builder, administrators can create and manage content-types: collection types and single types but also components.

  • Collection types are content-types that can manage several entries.
  • Single types are content-types that can only manage one entry.
  • Components are a data structure that can be used in multiple collection types and single types.

All 3 are displayed as categories in the left side of the Content-Types Builder interface. In each category are listed all content-types and components that have already been created.

From each category of the Content-Types Builder, it is possible to:


Click the search icon of any category to find a specific collection type, single type, or component.