# Installing using Docker

The following documentation will guide you through the installation of a new Strapi project using Docker (opens new window).

Docker is an open platform that allows to develop, ship and run applications by using containers (i.e. packages containing all the parts an application needs to function, such as libraries and dependencies).


You can find the official Docker image for Strapi in the Docker Hub (opens new window).

# Creating a Strapi project

  1. Create an empty folder.

  2. In your empty folder, create a docker-compose.yaml file. It is where the new Strapi project will be created, and it defines the database and Strapi service to use.

  3. Pull the latest images using the following command:

    docker-compose pull

# Running Strapi

To run your Strapi project created with Docker, use one of the following commands:

# Execute Docker image detaching the terminal
docker-compose up -d

# Execute Docker image without detaching the terminal
docker-compose up